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Halloumi Cheese Spring Rolls

What else to do with Halloumi? Because it lacks the melty softness of regular cheese, I have found it difficult to work with it other than to cut it into kebab squares or slice it into mushroom burgers. “It doesn’t naturally lend itself to much else“, I thought and so the block of hard full fat cheese would literally sit in my fridge for weeks. Forgotten. Then for some reason my mind drifted to a lady I stayed with in Alabama last year who taught me how to make egg rolls what we call spring rolls over here. Could I make Halloumi Spring rolls? It was worth giving it a try. The verdict: Absolutely! A resounding yes! It works very well. The saltiness, the crunchiness, the juiciness of these rolls is amazing. Because they are much bigger than your average spring roll, they hold a lot more flavour. And baking them means not only that you cut down on the calories in a huge way, you also cut down on the cooking time which means more time to enjoy them!

Halloumi Cheese Spring Rolls

  • Servings: 8-10 servings
  • Difficulty: easy
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Halloumi cheese - grated
Half large white onion - finely sliced
Half red onion - finely sliced
1 cup of fresh Spring Greens or White Cabbage - finely sliced
1 carrot - finely sliced
1 tbsp of garlic paste
2 tbsp of finely sliced red sweet pepper
2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme - finely chopped
1/2 tsp of finely chopped scotch bonnet pepper (optional)
1/2 tsp of coriander powder
1/2 tsp of Asafoetida
1/2 black pepper
1/2 vegetable stock jelly or 1 tsp of Maggi seasoning
16 - 24 sheets of Filo pastry (Large)
Melted butter
The preparation
In a large saucepan drizzle in some oil and saute all the fresh ingredients under a medium heat (except the cheese) for about 3-4 minutes. Then add the seasoning and adjust to your taste. It should all be cooked in 5 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely before stirring in the cheese. If there is any juice from the onions, which where shouldn’t be, drain it off, otherwise the rolls will go soggy.
The assembly
Take one sheet of pastry and on a flat (preferably lightly floured) surface, brush over one side with melted butter. Then take another sheet and lay it on top of the buttered one. Have the pastry sheet so that it is in a ‘diamond’ shape in front of you. Take two table spoons of the cheese mixture and place it near the bottom of the diamond shape. Shape the cheese in a sausage like shape leaving about 3cm on either side of the mixture.
Then fold up the pastry (starting from the bottom) over the mixture, and fold it again (twice). then seal the open sides of the pastry with water before folding them both into the centre of the roll to form an ‘open envelope’ shape.
Then fold the roll over again (twice in this case) to seal the roll. You may have to seal it with water at the end.
Repeat this 8-10 times. For a photo step-by-step version please refer to my other blog:
Place the rolls in a buttered pan for the oven, Brush the rolls with butter and place in the oven at Gas mark 6 / 200C for 5-8 minutes or until brown and sizzling.
Serve warm.

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