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Virgin Passion Strawberry Daiquiri

Another wonderfully hot day in London. I woke up with a bright clear blue sky before me. As the days are getting longer, the sense of urgency and frantic busy-ness which comes with city life is slowly being replaced with a casual, ‘we-still-got-time-ness’. Summer is finally here and with it comes my favourite part of the day: warm summers’ nights.  I love it with a passion: I enjoy being outside with friends and family watching the sun take the slow roll down the western sky, leaving a warm breeze in its path. It’s a reflective time of the day.

photo 3

Yes warm summers’ nights: it almost feels like the day will never end which is why this sunset coloured drink is a perfect accompaniment. The fresh tangy taste of the passion fruit will revive anyone trying to hang on to the last few hours of the night to finish some good conversation or activity. It takes minutes to create, you can even prepare the ingredients before hand to save you time.

photo 1

As an alternative to water, you can use coconut or sparkling water. Angostura Bitters, brings a lovely warm spice to this drink, you only need a dash or two. I recoil as I recall growing up as a child getting a bit too excited with the bitters and ruining many a fruit and peanut punches. From that moment onwards it was locked away out of sight from me. Most large supermarkets sell it, but if you can’t find it, try adding some vanilla essence instead.

Tip: to achieve the sweetest Passion Fruit (and minimise the sugar content), wait until the passion fruit skin is dark and very wrinkly, resembling small moon like craters before cutting open.

Virgin Passion Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


6-8 Strawberries

5-6 Passion Fruits (pulp)

1 tsp Angostura Bitters

2 heaped tsp Sugar or coconut sugar

3 cups cold water  and/ or Ice cubes

1 bunch of Mint Leaves

Fresh Orange Slices (optional)


Take the passionate fruit pulp with 2 cups of the water and sugar and blend it for 30 seconds in a blender. Pour the juice through a sieve to separate the seeds/ membrane. Mix in the Angostura Bitters.

In another bowl place the whole strawberries and 1 tsp of sugar and mash together with a fork to form a pulp.

Take two glasses: in the base of each glass pour in the strawberry pulp in equal parts. Then add the mint leaves and orange/ ice. Then slowly pour the passion fruit juice over the fruit, creating the ‘sunset’ effect through the glass.


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