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Prize Giveaway: Healthier Recipe Cookbook


Who said creamy Arctic Roll can’t be healthy? Low fat doesn’t always mean low taste. Yes we’ve heard it all before; Many of us who have been round the diet block a few times will be familiar with this phrase.  What sends me back to old habits however is usually a lack of planning and scarce range of healthy tasty recipes to work with.

I’ve even gone as far as eliminating the word diet from my vocabulary whenever I embark on a new eating (dis)order…determined that this is how I’m going to eat for the rest of my life: no more bread. no more diary. No more strawberries. But somehow my body is smarter than what I think it is and so it kicks into survival mode clinging on to whatever morsel of sugar,  fat or berry I ‘treat’ myself with…on my ‘cheat day’ of course! 😉

Over the years you soon learn that the key to long-term weight-loss and health is a lifestyle change:

So here comes another healthy recipe book and I’m thinking, do we need another one really? That is until I start flicking through the pages and see cheesecake recipes, lentil salads, curries and chocolate mousse. Recipes I thought I would have to forever ban from my life are now fully embraced as being good for me? Yay!

I would love to share this cookbook with one of my followers, here are a few reasons why:

  • Over 100 healthy tried, tested & tasted recipes from Japanese Noodles to Orange & Maple Pudding Cake
  • Tips on how to prepare healthy no-fuss family meals
  • Beautiful glossy pictures and categorised recipes (breakfast, lunch, meat, fish, vegetarian etc…)
  • All recipes come with nutritional value guide


Prize giveaway rules:

All you have to do to win this cookbook, is send a picture of a healthy recipe you have created yourself to by 28 February 2015 or if your on Instagram tag the picture #lovelorettaskitchen and I’ll pick it up. The winner will not only receive a copy of this recipe book but  I will re-create their recipe and share it on this blog (giving credit to the winner of course!).

Happy cooking!



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