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The New Black: Smoothie Bowl

I’ve been making smoothies and juices on and off for a while now. Most of us have. We’ve bought into the fad that juices were the way forward to a ‘healthier you’. And in many ways they are: I wouldn’t consume the variety of vegetables and fruits as often as I do were it not for my blender. It really is a helpful way of getting all your nutrients in throughout the day.

I think some time last week I left the house with 3 different bottles filled with either fruit or vegetables juiced down to a pulp: breakfast, lunch and a ‘protein power smoothie’ for after the gym. Yes I’m on it!

If there is any set back with this, it’s with the opaque bottles. After my hard work colour co-ordinating and blending turmeric, orange and carrot, it looked more like ‘sundown’ than sunrise yellow through the dim lens of the bottle. Then it becomes a tad boring sipping kale juice through a straw everyday, which is sad really because most of us eat with our eyes first.

This is why the new trend of Smoothie Bowls gives smoothies the make over it has been crying out for. If you have the time on the weekend or mornings, try making a smoothie bowl. The recipe only works with fruits with a starchy like consistency like bananas (frozen or fresh), papaya, mango or even a nut or coconut butter which can give a similar ‘gloopy’ texture as this what you need to hold the avalanche of fruits and nuts that you will sprinkle on top of it.

Once you’ve done that just sit back and savour the flavours, textures and sights of this glorious bowl of goodness.

Below is the recipe for my vegan protein packed based smoothie which I absolutely adore! It’s usually my post-workout go to drink. But when I have time, I make a smoothie bowl…;-)

Enjoy x


The New Black: Smoothie Bowl

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print



1 Banana*

1 Conference Pear

2 Dried deseeded Dates

2 cups Oat/Almond Milk

1 serving Sun Warrior Protein Powder (optional)

A Dash Almond Essence

2 tbsp mixed seeds (hemp, chia, flax)*

1 heap tsp Peanut Butter

A dash of Nutmeg powder



  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Use items marked with an * as toppings to arrange as you like
  3. Consume the same day.



  1. Dreamer Achiever says

    I love this! Your photos are always super beautifully. And so is this one. 🙂

    Nora /

    Ps. Check out my blog, there is a giveaway open 🙂


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