For Hire

cropped-img_7036.jpg began in the spring of 2014 to showcase recipes for sharing with friends and family. With a blend of family traditions, Caribbean flavours and regional inspiration, Loretta’s Kitchen’s tried and tested recipes encourage you to experiment with new ingredients and fresh combinations to create dishes that emphasize love for wholesome feasts.

There have been features in The Guardian Newspaper, Food Gawker as well as collaborations with Sainsbury’s for recipe development projects.

As for the business side of this food blog; partnerships with brands for recipe development, writing, speaking engagements, sponsorships, etc. are welcome, provided they are in line with my ethics and interests.

I value my work, and I hope that you value your work as well. For that reason, I have adopted a policy of compensation.


How can we can develop a partnership:

COOK: Develop and prepare unique, seasonal menus for intimate, in-home dinner parties that will fit your budget.

TEST: Provide recipe consultation, testing and development for cookbook authors, restaurants, corporations and editorials.

WRITE: Contribute food and beverage articles, essays and reviews for print and online publications.

SPEAK: Engage crowds with demonstrations, presentations or hosting based on the event’s needs.

Send an email to [email protected] to discuss any or all of these services.

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