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My Writing Process Blog Tour

IMG_7880Thank you so much Jess for inviting me to be a part of the My Writing Process blog tour! Jess of food blog Cooking Is My Sport, first told me about this project a few months ago, it’s basically an opportunity to share the inspiration behind what drives me to write on a weekly basis. I have to say since joining the Word Press community, Jess has been one of my ‘biggest fans’; if you haven’t already, please check out her gorgeous blog where her writing matches the mood of her food photography: very rich and appetising! I really enjoy her recipes and her online support, I hope we all benefit from the time we spend affirming one another to continue writing and sharing what we love!

So as part of this tour, I have to answer a set of questions about my writing process and then introduce three other bloggers who will answer the same set of questions next week.

1) What am I working on?

Well recently I have been working on a ‘Street Food Series’ which should last up until next weekend. I find thematic food entries easier and a lot more fun. They also add a sense of intrigue and helps me to plan my time so that I can spend less time food planning/ cooking and living the rest of my life! I have also been trying to work on improving my writing skills, exploring different styles and perfecting my editing.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I take a lot of inspiration from my cultural heritage (Trinidadian, Guyanese, British), my current interests and environment are also a deciding factor for the recipes I re-create and share (see my ‘vegan’ section for example). When I decide on a recipe the first thing that comes to mind is: What does this dish mean to me? It’s very hard to create a dish that I don’t personally enjoy but I feel that my readers will like. It really doesn’t work that way I find; I have to be passionate about the recipe and if there’s a great story that comes with it, be prepared to share it. I love sharing stories and attaching food to experiences I have had growing up, or things that I’ve read or encountered with other people. So I hope that this comes across in what I do, rather than it being just a site to copy and paste a recipe from and move on.

I also hope that people will see that you don’t need a mass of money or resources to set up a decent blog. I would like to have better equipment and more time, but, even with the precious technology and early Sunday mornings that you spare, you can achieve so much, if this is a priority for you.


3) Why do I write what I do?

It started off as an outlet because I simply enjoy writing. I have always loved to write since I was a child, particularly creative writing. As I have grown up, my passion for food became another stable in my life and when my mother passed away 10 years ago, cooking being something we shared together, it became something that I did as a means of keeping my memory of her alive within me. The stories and events that many of these dishes evoke mean just as much to me as the flavours and the presentation; I also love seeing people enjoying food I’ve prepared and the conversations it ignites. And so with this all combined, food writing seemed like a natural leaning and I enjoy it immensely.
4) How does your writing process work?

I find it a lot easier to write a draft soon after cooking the recipe in question, because I want to try to capture all the details that the reader will need to know in order to get the dish just right e.g. What should the texture of the dough be when ready? Were there any ingredients I added or adjusted? Sometimes I chose to write in a very informative way, for example with the street food series, I think it’s important to give readers details of which country the dish hails from, how it was discovered and if possible and any tips on finding substitute ingredients. In other recipes which are taking from my childhood, I like to share stories or experiences attached to the recipe so that you can capture the sights and sounds which the food was created in: see for example Trini Sunday: Chicken Pelau Rice.


Whose Up Next?

Pretty Good Eats like myself, Nicole is fairly new to the food blogging scene. Nicole has made some really delicious recipes which take inspiration from her Jamaican heritage. What I love about this food blog, is the step by step photography which Nicole provides, you could also feed a whole family with the food she makes! Again another supportive blogger who provides regular recipe updates.

Afrolems is a food blog which specialises in Nigerian food. Although based in Canada, Afrolems is the most comprehensive and authentic food blog for Nigerian food I have seen yet; they really make it very easy for you to re-create authentic, tasty African food at home. Failing that they are prepared to cater for you (within a limited mile radius!)

Sophie Bowns is an amazingly talented fiction writer who has made the bold step of sharing novels, poetry and her insight online! I think this is a genius way of sharing your work and getting immediate feedback. I really like the honesty of her poetry; and humour in her stories. Really a captivating read!





  1. Pretty Good Eats says

    Awesome post and I feel truly honours to be nominated by you and to carry on the writing torch…


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